Born (August, 1950) and grew up in kibbutz Giva’at Brener, Israel.

Studied (1972 - 1975 and taught (1975-1977) painting and sculpture at Avni institute of fine arts in Tel Aviv.

During the years 1979 - 1994 he lived and worked in Europe, mostly in Amsterdam and Paris. In 1992 he received the Dutch citizenship.

Recently he lives and works in Haifa, Israel.

Motives that come repeatedly in his work are Olympus, War widows, The human head, Abstract landscapes, and Aged women.

in his paintings, Leviathan gives an extra care to the sense of motion.

Sometimes I use a lot of paint, layers of paint (oil) and sometimes I prefer clean surface that reinforces the sense of purity and immortality.

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"What stimulates me as an artist is the connection between mankind and the universe, and immortality.

as though, my work is based on searching contact points between life and death."